50th Reunion 2015


Also check out photos from Ellie's brilliant slide show presentation, click HERE.

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'65 Bobcat 50th Reunion Committee:

Bob Box     Jim Davidson
Ellie Finn     Stan Friedman
Will Mies     Dave Healey
Susan Hubbard Herman
Lyle Schilling    Martha Starsmann Zervas
Karen Klapp Stigers  Ava Rubenstein Stralla
Helen Toporek   Karen Davy Woods

Website Administrators:
Bob Box
Jim Davidson


Our long anticipated 50th reunion weekend finally arrived and it was a HUGE success!  It began Friday evening when an estimated 100 Bobcats from '64 to '67 showed up at Aunt Chilada’s and classmates got reacquainted over drinks while trying to make themselves heard over the din.  Surprise guests included retired French and Spanish teacher and former language department head Rosa Rochin who chatted with former students.   Then Saturday evening over 170 people attended the big banquet.  The food was outstanding and the camaraderie was even better.  During dinner we even had some talented classmates put on a “half time show” and astound us with talents we never knew they had.  English teacher Charles Sahnas and wife Kathy also joined us.   Charles got to talk with several of his former students and eventually stepped to the microphone and addressed the class, this time without the benefit of a blackboard. 

So much went into this weekend and everyone enjoyed it immensely so that it would be impossible to describe it here.  We’ve set up a place for all of you to upload the photos you took and share them with everyone.  Meanwhile, we’d like to mention and, more importantly, thank some of the people who made a special effort to create this once in a lifetime event.  In no particular order:

Lyle Shilling was our Emcee Saturday night and kept our presentation light, entertaining, and professional.   Ellie Finn put together an absolutely incredible Power Point slide show that included photos that classmates posted on the website, elementary school pictures, nostalgic photos of Phoenix, and much more.  Ellie did a fantastic job.  Look for her slideshow to be posted elsewhere on this website.

Dan Fridena played the guitar and sang during dinner and reminded everyone how folk music was such a big influence on the ‘60s.  His rendition of “Puff the Magic Dragon” would have delighted Peter, Paul, and Mary.  Greg Faris and June Willis Faris managed to research the last five decades of several classmates’ more noteworthy activities and Greg humorously summed them up for us as he presented a few special awards.  Doug and Judith Haggar came all the way from Alaska so that Doug could finally give a 2015 version of his hastily cancelled valedictory speech.  He kept us laughing but the humorless folks in the Central High administration office probably wouldn’t have appreciated it back in 1965 or ever.  To make the evening truly retro, we had a personal appearance by ‘60s pop icons Sonny and Cher (Shirley Levendusky Sullivan and husband Richard Sullivan).  They lip-synched “I’ve Got You Babe” and absolutely won the award for best costume design.

We’d also like to thank Dick Coffinger for providing the jukebox and Gordon James (Gordon James Public Relations) for the class banner and the two great collages of CHS ’65 highlights.   Thanks also to Bill Simon for organizing the vintage car display just outside the lobby which caught everyone’s attention whether they were part of our class or just passersby.   A special thanks goes to Terry Pavey who provided some great pieces from his memorabilia collection so everyone could reminisce about the Phoenix we used to know.

Especially, thanks to our reunion committee who made this weekend possible. 

   Bob Box, Jim Davidson, Ellie Finn, Dave Healey, Susan Hubbard Herman, Wil Mies, Lyle Schilling, Bill Simon, Karen Klapp Stigers, Ava Rubenstein Stralla, Helen Toporek, Karen Davy Woods, and Martha Starsmann Zervas

Photographers:  Cinthia Gonzalez, Leidy Gonzalez, Dulce Aguilar, and Teacher--Cole Laswick

Lastly, thanks to all who attended from around the globe because you are the ones that made this an unforgettable weekend.  We at the website will do our best to keep everyone connected but we’ll need you to keep your profiles updated and advise us of your future address changes.  To those who couldn’t be with us, we hope to see you at the next reunion and please stay in touch.  Thanks again, Bobcats!


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Number Of People Attending: (Total: 171) 

Anderson, Chuck  2  (1) Charles (Chuck) Anderson (2) Linda Anderson
Antos (Burke), Pat  1  (1) Pat Antos (Burke)
Barnes, Charles 'Scott'  2  (1) C. Scott Barnes (2) Meretta Barnes
Barwick, Kenneth  2  (1) Kenneth Barwick (2) Robin Barwick
Basham, Dave  2  (1) Dave Basham (2) Gail Wisniewski
Beach Wallace, Nancy  1  (1) Nancy Beach Wallace
Bell, Mike  1  (1) Mike Bell
Benyes Seaman, Karen  1  (1) Karen Benyes Seaman
Blommer, Mike  2  (1) Mike Blommer (2) Susan Witzeman
Bookman (Burgess), Nancy  1  (1) Nancy Bookman (Burgess)
Box, Bob  2  (1) Bob Box (2) Marilyn Box
Boyer Christoferson, Susan  1  (1) Susan Boyer Christoferson
Branham, Chuck  1  (1) Chuck Branham
Brown Wise, Candice  1  (1) Candice Brown Wise
Buffmire Kaiser, Barbara  1  (1) Barbara Buffmire Kaiser
Bundy, Jeff  2  (1) Jeff Bundy (2) Anne Sterling
Burd Hull, Lorri  1  (1) Lorri Burd Hull
Burns, Bev  1  (1) Bev Burns
Caniglia, Tommy  2  (1) Tommy Caniglia (2) Noel Cox Caniglia
Carpenter, George  2  (1) George Carpenter (2) Judy Carpenter
Carter de Azevedo, Linda  1  (1) Linda Carter de Azevedo
Coffin Carter, Georgia  1  (1) Georgia Coffin Carter
Coffinger, Dick  1  (1) Dick Coffinger
Cohen, Mike  1  (1) Mike Cohen
Cohn Greer, Pamela  2  (1) Pamela Cohn Greer (Pam) (2) Jason H Greer (Jay)
Cool, Steve  1  (1) Steve Cool
Cowen, Randy  2  (1) Randy Cowen (2) Madeleine
Creasman, Ron  1  (1) Ron Creasman
Davidson, Jim  1  (1) Jim Davidson
Davis, Jim  2  (1) Jim Davis (2) Linda Davis
Davy Woods, Karen  2  (1) Karen Davy Woods (2) Frank Woods
Diamond, Chip  2  (1) Chip Diamond (2) Sharon Davis Diamond
Ewing Freeman, Sandee  2  (1) Sandee Ewing Freeman (2) John Freeman
Faris, Greg  1  (1) Greg Faris
Farris Calihan, Anita  1  (1) Anita Farris Calihan
Finn, Ellie  1  (1) Ellie Finn
Forquer, Greg  2  (1) Greg Forquer (2) Victoria Forquer
Francis (Burnett), Julie  2  (1) Julie Francis (Burnett) (2) Harold Burnett
Fridena, Dan  1  (1) Dan Fridena
Friedman, Stan  1  (1) Stan Friedman
Garland, Gary  1  (1) Gary Garland
Gonsher, Geoffrey  1  (1) Geoffrey Gonsher
Gossett Ketcham, Barbara  2  (1) Barbara Gossett Ketcham (2) Horace "Lucky" Ketcham
Greenspan, Ira  1  (1) Ira Greenspan
Grodzinsky, Alan  2  (1) Alan Grodzinsky (2) Susan garland
Haggar, Douglas  2  (1) Douglas Haggar (2) Judith Haggar
Hayhurst, Douglas  2  (1) Douglas Hayhurst (2) Bonnie Goldman Page (Central 66)
Healey, Dave  2  (1) Dave Healey (2) Maria Gardeta-Healey
Hedlund, Carl  1  (1) Carl Hedlund
Herzberg Druker, Beryl  1  (1) Beryl Herzberg Druker
Heuser, Dave  1  (1) Dave Heuser
Hickey, John  2  (1) John Hickey (2) Victoria Hickey
Hinds, Alex  1  (1) Alex Hinds
Hodges Anthony (Anthony), Trish 2  (1) Trish Hodges Anthony (2) Dale Anthony
Hubbard Herman, Susan  2  (1) Susan Hubbard Herman (2) John Herman
Hull, John (Rich )  1  (1) John ( Rich ) Hull
Hunter, Leon  2  (1) Leon Hunter (2) Alison Hunter
Irvine (Sollenberger), Marilyn  2  (1) Marilyn Irvine (Sollenberger) (2) Jim Sollenberger
James, Gordon  1  (1) Gordon James  
Jarrett Reynolds, Ann  2  (1) Ann Jarrett Reynolds (2) Reese Reynolds
Johnson, Susan ("Suie")  1  (1) SUSAN ("Suie") JOHNSON
Johnson Vitcovich, Janet  2  (1) Janet Johnson Vitcovich (2) Dennis Vitcovich
Jones Josslin, Vicki  2  (1) Vicki Jones Josslin (2) David Margolin
Jones Scardello, Ann  1  (1) Ann Jones Scardello
Karesky, Edward (Ed)  1  (1) Edward (Ed) Karesky
Kearns Corrado, Vicki  1  (1) Vicki Kearns Corrado
Kempff (Ladas), Carol  1  (1) Carol Kempff (Ladas)
King Asbury, Susan  2  (1) Susan King Asbury (2) Craig Asbury
Kirchenbaum Pratt, Toby  2  (1) Toby Kirchenbaum Pratt (2) Hillel Pratt ??
Klapp Stigers, Karen  1
Klebe, Les  1  (1) Les Klebe
Kuchman, Tom  2  (1) Tom Kuchman (2) Ginni Kuchman
Ladas, Clem  2  (1) Clem Ladas (2) Carrol Ladas
Lashinsky, Ilene  1  (1) Ilene Lashinsky
Lawrence, Ed  1  (1) Ed Lawrence
Levendusky Sullivan, Shirley  2  (1) Dr. Shirley Levendusky Sullivan (2) Richard Sullivan
Lewis Christensen, Jeff (Jessica)  1  (1) Jeff (Jessica) Lewis Christensen
Lichlyter Shaughnessy, Linda  1  (1) Linda Lichlyter Shaughnessy
Lommen, Jim  2  (1) Jim Lommen (2) Penny Lommen
Merrill, Phil  2  (1) Phil Merrill (2) Sandy Luebbe
Mies, Will  2  (1) Will Mies (2) Sharlene Trenchard
Miles, Frank  1  (1) Frank Miles
Mutschler Haynes, Priscilla  2  (1) Priscilla Mutschler Haynes (2) Chris Haynes
Oliverio, Steve  2  (1) Steve Oliverio (2) Inge Oliverio
O'Malley, Patrick  2  (1) Patrick O'Malley (2) Isabel O'Malley
Owen, Michael  1  (1) Michael Owen
Palffy Hillegass, Sandy  2  (1) Sandy Palffy Hillegass (2) Don Hillegass
Palmer, Jim  1  (1) Jim Palmer
Paulus, Karin  2  (1) Karin Paulus (2) Paul Mallen                                           Peterson, Michelle and son Chris Gankas                                                            Price Baird, Ginna  1  (1) Ginna Price Baird

Radder, Tim  2  (1) Tim Radder (2) Janice Radder
Rempe, Steve  2  (1) Steve Rempe (2) Kris Straub
Riggs, H. B.  2  (1) H.B. Riggs (2) Charlotte Riggs
Robinson, Phil  1  (1) Phil Robinson
Rubenstein Stralla, Ava  1  (1) Ava Rubenstein Stralla
Sahnas (English Teacher), Charles  2  (1) Charles Sahnas (English Teacher) (2) Kathy
Sceli Williams, Sandi  1  (1) Sandi Sceli Williams
Schilling, Lyle  1  (1) Lyle Schilling (I kept my maiden name)
Seabrooks, Bob  2  (1) JOHN (Bob) Seabrooks (2) LINDA SEABROOKS
Simon, Bill  2  (1) Bill Simon (2) Sandi
Singer (Bosco), Susan  1  (1) Susan Singer (Bosco)
Smith Greenspun, Myra  1  (1) Myra Smith Greenspun
Sowers (Cunningham), Linda  1  (1) Linda Sowers (Cunningham)
Starsmann Zervas, Marty  1  (1) Marty Starsmann Zervas
Stillwell, Jeff  2  (1) Jeff Stillwell (2) Patricia Stillwell
Tamuty, Fred  1  (1) Fred Tamuty
Tessitore Revier, Beverly  1  (1) Beverly Tessitore Revier
Titchenal, Ted  1  (1) Ted Titchenal
Toporek, Helen  1  (1) Helen Toporek
Walmsley Decker, Connie  2  (1) Connie Walmsley Decker (2) Greg Decker
Walton, Joe  1  (1) Joe Walton
Washburn Zemke, Pamela  1  (1) Pamela Washburn Zemke
Wile McBride, Barbara  2  (1) Barbara Wile McBride (2) Mike McBride
Wilkins (Monroe), Mimi  1  (1) Mimi Wilkins (Monroe)
Willis Faris, June  2  (1) June Willis Faris (2) Greg Faris
Zavatone (Erickson), Janet  2
Zimbaro, Frank  1  (1) Frank Zimbaro