Tips on Using this Website


Getting the Most Out of the Website Features


The Best Lessons are Learned By Playing


The best way to learn how to use Central65 is to just explore it. Go ahead, push all the buttons. Rearrange the Classmate Profiles by date joined, or open the map on Where They Live and expand the map to show who is close. Revisit 1965 History in Videos and get satisfaction from the youngest Rolling Stones you will every see. Visit the In Memory site from time to time to read shared recollections. Add your own. Try the User Forums. Create a thread yourself.

Profile Updates

One of the most useful features is in the upper right corner of the Home Page, Profile Updates. This is the most active page where new folks are added. Even more often, it shows where classmates have added or expanded their stories and photos. New classmates tend to start a profile with just their name and city, then over the next few days tell about life since ’65. Expand yours, too.

Privacy and Security


Central65 has built in protections for your privacy and security. When you created your profile, you were asked a series of questions from which you could decide your level of privacy. If you’re not sure what they were, in the left hand column revisit Edit Contact Information and Edit Profile. You can lock up your entire file so that only other classmates can view it, or you can leave it open for others to visit (such as family,  friends or other acquaintances). In either instance, you can decide how much others can see, including your classmates.

Public Pages


If you do make your profile and pictures of your golden retriever public, it’s a good idea not to include birthdays or phone numbers on the public page, as these are sometimes security questions you are asked to confirm you identity on other websites. (Of course, there’s always the phone book.) If you don’t want anything publicly available, check the box at the bottom of your profile that says, “Allow only fellow classmates to view my profile.”

Email Addresses


Your email address is automatically protected from outsiders. It is neither accessible, nor shared with any person or company by Central65 or Classroom Creator (the program provider). When you send an email to a classmate through Central65, the message goes through a secure feature that does not show your address, even to the classmate you contact. 

Getting Googled?

Restricted Profiles cannot be accessed if you are not logged in, period. Thus Restricted Profiles will also not be indexed by Google, because Google can not get in mail addresses. If you have a Google account it may be savings things related to you, so if you do a search of yourself, information about you having a Central65 membership (but not the information in your profile) may appear at the top of the page. If you tried the same search on a public computer you wouldn't see any of that.

Keeping in Touch


Central65 is an active site, intended to keep classmates in touch long after their reunion is silent. Use it! We will have the site online through 2018, and longer if there is enough interest. Stay in touch and check in from time to time over the year.

Email each other using the Send a Private Message feature at the top of a classmate’s profile. Or post a public note using the comment button at the very bottom of the same page, if that is an option your classmate has added, “I confess, I was one of the guys that picked up and turned your Isetta Mini-car sideways in the CHS parking lot.”

For close friends, check the "Notify me when ______ profile is updated” box in their profile.

Most of all Have Fun!